Taking A Leap

I am the type of person who hates change. In fact, one of my life mottos is “Better safe than sorry.” I would rather embrace the familiar (and hug it tight with both hands) than step outside my comfort zone and set myself up for failure. This applies to all areas of my life: travel,… 

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Finding Fulfillment

There are not enough hours in the day. This is what I was thinking the past few days, while Mark was away visiting friends and family. I was more productive this weekend than I have been in the three weeks since we moved: I did four loads of laundry (including Mark’s clothes); dusted the bedroom furniture; read… 

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Liebster Award

I got an early birthday present this week when the lovely Kelly from Trial and Eater nominated me for a Liebster Award! For those who don’t know, Liebster Awards are passed from blogger to blogger, to show appreciation for newer bloggers and introduce them to the community. You share 11 random facts about yourself, answer… 

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Fried Onion Falafel with Artichokes

Fried Onion Falafel with Artichokes | Unexpectedly Magnificent

One of the reasons Mark and I get along so well is that we have similar personalities. We are quiet, introverted homebodies who don’t have busy social lives; if we’re up late at night, it’s because we’re playing video games, not out at a party.  We like to eat our dinner shortly after coming home from work, between… 

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Counting My Blessings

It has been a little over a month since my last post. While I would have loved to share new recipes with you, I haven’t had the time (or energy) to write. For weeks, Mark and I were getting ready to sell our house, fully expecting to move into a condo. Less than 21 hours before closing, however,… 

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Hearts of Palm Veggie Hoagies

Hearts of Palm Veggie Hoagies | Unexpectedly Magnificent

I love trying recipes from other vegan blogs, because it’s a great way to experiment with new ingredients. Last month, Keepin’ It Kind introduced me to hearts of palm. I immediately became addicted to Kristy’s vegan cheese. (You need to try it. I put it on everything!) Imagine my excitement when, a few weeks later, The Veg Life shared hearts of… 

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Wild Mushroom and Arugula Risotto

Wild Mushroom and Arugula Risotto | Unexpectedly Magnificent

Do you watch Top Chef? My sister introduced me to it during season 6, and I watched it religiously for a few years (until Last Chance Kitchen became a regular thing, and—spoiler alert!—they eliminated Kristen over Josie in season 10. I mean, really. Kristen was obviously the best.) Risotto is one of the most notorious dishes you can… 

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Chinese Cabbage Noodle Salad

Chinese Cabbage Noodle Salad | Unexpectedly Magnificent

After making Pan-Seared Tofu Fried Rice last week, I was in the mood for another homemade Asian meal. As much as I love the fried rice, I don’t always have the patience to grate the ginger, slice the scallions, and steam the rice for 20 minutes. (I know, I know. I’m Chef Boy-Are-You-Lazy.) Thankfully, this Chinese Cabbage Noodle… 

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Pan-Seared Tofu Fried Rice

Pan-Seared Tofu Fried Rice | Unexpectedly Magnificent

Every Thursday night, I create a dinner menu for the upcoming week, before I go food shopping the next afternoon. I come up with five weekday meals using various sources of protein: beans, tofu, quinoa, etc. I like mixing tried-and-true recipes with one or two new ones. My Pinterest page is full of meals I want to try! After cooking… 

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Home At Last


Last weekend, our family of two became a family of three: We adopted a rescue dog. We named him Bruno, after the dog in Cinderella. (One of my goals in life is to have a family of dogs named after canine Disney characters.) He is a 2- to 3-year-old Schnauzer/Terrier mix. Bruno loves snuggling, playing with tennis balls,… 

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